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2023 Kidding Schedule

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Some of our past kids

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** Does have been confirmed pregnant by Ultrasound; (FF) First Freshener
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Nubian Breedings

*B KECMR Merle's Charlie PN2115956
S: *B KECMR El-Far X-treme
D" SGCH Saada Baby Blue Merle 1*M
KECMR Hen Maura
KECMR Bar Taffy
KECMR Teton Maggie
KECMR Teton Teeva
KECMR Twist Elayna
Country Mile Candyman Twist AN2130174
S: *B Country Mile Pegasus Candyman
D: Country Mile Heavenly Bliss
My-Enchanted-Acres KM Karmen
Redwood Hills Atlas Gracen
KECMR Teton Sharlotte
*B Wingwood Farm Cool Tomas PN2180848
*B Wingwood Farm Flyin Attitude
SGCH Wingwood Farm Ami Tiger Lily 5*M
Redwood Hills Vision Sawyer
KECMR Charlie's Finley
KECMR Teton Samryn
Begley's-Troubled-Acre Zaspbry
DKGH EV Ebony's Explorer PN2175428
DKGH Candyman Rockin' Everest AI
DKGCH LA Elliue's Ebony
KECMR X-treme Marley
KECMR Teton's Journee
KECMR Charlie's Zettie
*B Wingwood Farm Eagle Tardis AI  PN2238820
+*B Saada Golden Eagle
SG Wingwood Farm Sweet Tallahasee 10*M
KECMR Charlie's Zisa
KECMR Charlie's Torah

LaMancha Breedings

KECMR BM Sulliman PL2195251
LS Acres Tux's Blue Moon
KECMR Bora Scarlett
Hillbilly Lane Farm BM Meerah
KECMR KAuai Hey Alexa! AI
KECMR F Confusion (Experimental)
Kastdemur's Hey It's JCrew PL2240894
Rockin-CB AAM Nitro
Kastdemur's Vanity Fair
Hillbilly Lane Farm BM Mercy
KECMR Kauai Austin AI
+*B Kastdemur's Vicco PL151532
Autumn-Acres Black Zephyr
SGCH Kastdemur's Vintage 5*M
KECMR Bora Scarlett
+*B SG South-Fork Toi Soldier PL1324954
+*B SG Redwood Hills Beau Charmer
SGCH South-Fork Toi Dancer AI 4*M
KECMR Blue Maaaize


2013 Kids

Some of our milkers

Herd Health

We feel that herd health and kid care are the foundation of the success of your entire program. We do not claim to be a CAE free herd, but we take every precaution to avoid the possibilities.

At birth, the kids are taken to a heated nursery and fed heat-treated colostrum and then pasteurized milk. Our kids are fed colostrum for the first twenty-four hours. We feed them as much as they will eat three to four times a day. Then, they are moved to the lambar, and are fed twice daily. All kids are allowed to eat as much milk as desired at each feeding. Kids are moved to large stalls with outside running pens when starting the twice a day feedings.

Kids are given orally 2 cc of Bar Guard 99 at birth. They receive a tetanus and Bo-Se injection at two days old. We disbud kids at one week of age. We administer CD&T at four, seven and ten weeks of age.

Our mature does receive annual boosters for CD&T as well as Bo-Se. They have free choice Golden Blend minerals and quality first to fourth cutting alfalfa and alfalfa mix hay. The does are fed beet pulp once a day as a treat. They have fresh water available from water fountains in the loafing barn. Also, they have plenty of pasture and wooded area for exercise and foraging.

Our bucks are kept with the same schedule as the does and are housed in outside pens next to the barns in summer. They are inside the main barn during the winter. We try to run them in pairs or groups if everyone will behave.

We do not have the typical guard dogs as most goat breeders. We have Lassie Collies with our herd. They seem to work the best with our family and goat needs. They are very caring and protective of the herd. They are in charge of the safety of the herd and keeping the coyotes on the other side of the fence.

Sales & Purchasing Policy

When purchasing dairy goats from our farm, we prefer you visit our farm and pick them up at the farm. We do understand that this is not always possible. We will ship out of Indianapolis International Airport. The buyer is responsible for all shipping costs and crate. We will provide a health paper and travel to airport at our expense. Also, we will provide a registration application after payment has been cleared.

A $50.00 deposit is required to reserve a kid. You will need to make a first and second choice with your reservation. If you have no second choice, your reservation will be carried over to the next year if not met. No refunds will be made on canceled orders. We reserve the right to retain any animal for the purpose of maintaining the quality or need of our herd.

Once the birth has been announced to the buyer, the balance is to be paid in full within two weeks. The kid is to be picked up or shipped by six weeks of age. If plan is not followed, all monies are forfeited.

On occasion, we do offer mature animals for sale. They must be picked  up from the farm and payment is to be made in full and cleared before leaving the farm.

We truly appreciate your business and interest in our herd of dairy goats.

We always welcome phone calls and visitors  to our farm. We can be reached best on our cell phone.

Address: 6312 West County Road 550 North, St. Paul, IN  47272

Cell Phone: 812-593-1517


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